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Air-Loc® Pressure Testing

The Cherne Air-Loc® Low Pressure Air-Testing System has been successfully used for testing sewer pipe installations for over 40 years. This method of testing pipelines has proven to be the fastest, most economical and accurate method of testing pipe. It allows you to perform tests as prescribed by ASTM C 828, C 924, and F 1417. (Procedures on page 47.)

Air-Loc® Line Acceptance Kit
(Part #253298 - 75 lbs)

Cherne's Line Acceptance Kit is used to perform low pressure air tests on newly installed sewer lines. The Line Acceptance Kit includes all items needed to conduct the test except an air compressor and two pipe plugs.
Cherne Air-Loc® Pressure Testing
Cherne Air-Loc® Pressure Testing

Red-Plug Inflation Port

Blue-Test Area Inflation Port
Thread port for 3/4" or 3/8" quick connect

Yellow-Read Back Hose Port

Air-Loc® Plugs

• Air-Loc Leak Locator Plugs are designed for both low-pressure sewer line acceptance tests as well as leak location testing
• Color coded inflation ports match hose and panel of Air-Loc system
• Flexible internal hoses and air fittings make these plugs the best in the business