Custom Design

Partner with our engineering staff to develop a solution that fits your blocking or testing needs.

Need a Custom Solution?
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Unique situations call for customized solutions.  Reach out to Cherne's experienced engineering team to develop a customized plug for your application.  We will design and manufacture the plug for your job. 

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Our Capabilities

Leveraging state-of-the-art robotics technology and a full in-house machine shop, Cherne can engineer and manufacture a solution for any unique application.  Recent examples of this include a 74-inch disc plug for stainless steel pipe designed to hold 50 PSI back pressure and 75 PSI max test pressure for a wastewater treatment facility fitting through 24-inch manhole access point.  Additionally, we were tasked to block flow in a tunnel requiring a 104-inch disc plug holding back  25 ft of head with a 12-inch bypass flange to enable repairs while allowing construction work to continue.  Put our team to the test! 


Plug Safety
Always check the plug’s maximum back pressure capability before using.
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Our Process

We begin by understanding your job and requirements.  From there we will design a plug factoring back pressure, bypass needs, access constraints, media properties, pipe type and other variables.  We will then leverage our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to produce and deliver the plug to your location.   


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